News Anchor Fired for Saying “Fuck”

Apparently one fuck was given.

After signing off from the Saturday night newscast, Wichita’s KSN anchorman Justin Kraemer committed broadcast suicide. He dropped the F bomb on live television. Naturally, he was fired this week – as is custom in our delicate society. Imagaine what would have happened if children were listening! If they heard that most evil of words. How could you possibly save their poor little souls from an eternity in hell?!?

I get it. I work in radio, I worked in TV news. It’s clear what happens when you cuss on live air. What I don’t get is why, as a society, we aren’t past this? These are words. Words that we created, put value in and interpret the meaning. Why is it a government agency (that was designed to control and regulate the technical aspects of broadcast) can still fine you, and a business, tens of thousands of dollars. Hasn’t the internet, cable television and modern LIFE put less weight in curse words? Yes, he was being unprofessional. The audio guy should have been paying attention and he should know a mic can always be hot. But still…

Perhaps I am just a desensitized, immoral fuck with a foul mouth. Maybe we don’t want to begin the slippery slope of “anything goes” the bible and FCC warned us about.

What are your thoughts?

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