Top Ten Videos I Made in 2013

Let the listing to begin! Most people might not know this but before I was a radioman, I was a videoman. I love planning, shooting and especially editing videos. Here are my top ten out of the 30 or so I made this year.

Honorable mention) Hypnotizing – 137 views
I have no idea why I made this. I think I was experimenting with key frames and my new system.

10) Winner of Best Radioman in Austin – 143 views
I refuse to lose! So much so that I made this video.

9) How to Get a BJ – 156 views
This is a remake of my old Sex Made Easy Videos. Unfortunately, Dale considered it too “rapey”. Promise I didn’t mean for it to be.

8) And the Winner is… – 188 views
Another humiliating loss to Bobby Bones. This time, on camera.

7) Best of Austin – 214 views
“Don’t vote for the best radio personality in Austin, vote for me.” As you can guess by the whopping number of views, I didn’t win.

6) Erotic – 225 views
Chuy, Carissa and I attempted to start a comedy video troupe. She missed the first shoot.

5) Ted Talk – 568 views
Earlier in the year, I was invited to give a Ted Talk. It went well.

4) The Wizards Auto Sales – 1,883 views
Two days after shooting my first car sales video, I decided to make another. This one was scripted and planned out. It lacked the magic of the first but still cracked everyone up. My cameraman made the mistake of “getting really, really, high” before we shot this and ended up causing us to do several re-takes.

3) Office Prank – 2,350 views
Daniel Gallo and I pulled a prank on our co-worker Carissa. We almost bobbled it.

2) Riding the Iron Rattler – 11,057 views
Last May, I was invited to ride the new Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I edited the two GoPro videos together and posted it online – having no idea I would get this many views. Probably because you can see my ex girlfriend’s bewbz jiggling.

1) The Captain’s Auto Sales – 24,112 views
This video started as a joke to help sell my POS cars and raise awareness for my Craigslist post. I came home from work, tossed my roommate my iPhone and said, “Follow me”. We shot the video with no script and only a few re-takes. I edited it in an hour and almost scrapped it (I thought it was kind of funny but not good enough). I decided to post it anyhow, it blew up on Reddit and turned out to be my best video in years.

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