Statesman’s Social Media Awards

I do not expect to win. I don’t have enough of a following, my methods are unconventional, I tend to be a bit crass and a little too weird.

Let me, however, plead my case as to why I should win the Statesman’s Social Media Awards. Here are a few reasons and examples:

-I directly manage the social media for 93.7 KLBJ and coordinate social media for 6 other radio stations and shows.
-I use several different types of social platforms, in different ways, to promote my radio show and brand: @theCJMorgan (Vine, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter).
-Social media is directly tied into my job as a radio host.
-I use my social media as a means to entertain, inform and complain.

-I have a paralyzed wiener and use my social media to promote the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue.

-I sold not one, but two cars because of these viral videos. KAYAK!

-I occasionally pull pranks. For example…

-I got fake married in Las Vegas. Even changed my last name on Facebook.

-I find unconventional ways to get followers.

-I interact with people regularly. Especially trolls. I do not fear to call out trolls on their BS.

-Reverse Prank Calls mix old and new methods of communicating.

-If I don’t win, I will just lie and troll.

-I work with management to strategize the best social media policies.

-Have two podcasts, one talk and the other music.

NOW, go HERE and tell the Statesman how good I look.

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