I Confronted My Online Bully

How did it go when my new nemesis came to the studio to do my job? Well, we started out enemies and ended up freinemies. Check out the clips (posted below) from our Suck vs Not Suck debate with a special guest appearance by Mr. Charlie Hodge from charliehodgeshow.com.

The Story: Last Friday a listener emailed me a screenshot from Facebook. The picture is from a person who took time out of there day to let the world how much I suck.

I took the screen shot and made it into my timeline picture on Facebook. My fan, Jen, found the picture and let me know that the #truthhurts. I then invited her to come in and do my job.

She agreed. So Monday at noon Jen came in and we debated my suckness.

First off, this is not a CJ vs Charlie Hodge debate. Charlie is a 10-year Morning Show Veteran, the Halftime Show Host, outstanding podcaster and radio/comedy genius. There is no competition.

After an hour in the studio together, I think we agreed to disagree.

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