Some Reverse Prank Calls

My Spanish is getting better everyday! I received a call from a Spanish speaking telemarketer and I think we effectively communicated that I wanted to buy some cats over the phone.

With the Affordable Health Care Act taking full effect, a lot of telemarketers are on the prowl trying to get you to buy insurance. Greg mistakenly called the radio station and we ended up exchanging dick pics.

I get a lot of debt collectors and telemarketers calling the station but I usually don’t get the pleasure of dealing with phishers. I got a call from Amber who claimed I had won a big prize and she only needed a little bit of my information to claim it. Unfortunately for her, I am not a 70 year old grandma, I’m the Craptain.

I thought I would sex up this prank call a bit more than usual. A lot more than usual.

Doing my part to contribute to society by answering phone surveys.

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