Top Ten Superbowl Screw Ups

For your pleasure, I have compiled a list of the biggest Super Bowl Screw Ups. Oddly enough, a lot of them involve the Cowboys. Check back tomorrow for numbers 5-1. Did I get something wrong or do you have a suggestion? Comment below.

10) Lett’s Fumble – XXVII
The Cowboys were well in control but this play seemed to cost everyone’s dad a chance to win squares. Lett was five yards away from scoring on a long fumble recovery when he decided to celebrate… enter Dan Beebe. Dallas 52 – Buffalo 17.


9) Garo’s Gaffe – VII
Dolphin’s were 2 minute away from a perfect season and shut out Super Bowl when kicker Garo Yepremian’s field goal was blocked. Instead of falling on the ball, he attempted a pass but fumbled. The ball was scooped up by the Redskin’s Mike Bass for a TD. Miami 14 – Washington 7.


8) Dropped – XIII
Cowboy’s tight end Jackie Smith inexplicably dropped a perfect touchdown pass from Staubach. It was third down, he was wide open and the game was close. They settled for a field goal and (later) ended up losing by 4. Dallas 31 – Pittsburg 35.



7) Blunder Bowl – V
Tied 13-13, the Cowboys began a last minute, win the game drive with a 15-yard holding penalty. Then on second down, QB Craig Morton threw a pass through the hands of running back Dan Reeves and into the arms of a Colts linebacker who returned the ball 13 yards. Two plays later, the Colts kicked the go ahead 32-yard field goal. Dallas 13 – Indianapolis 16.


6) Wrong Guy, Right Place – XXX
Trailing 13-7, Pittsburgh’s Neil O’Donnell threw the ball to a wide open Larry Brown. Unfortunately, Brown was a Cowboys defensive back. Down 13 in the fourth, the Steelers were in the midst of another promising drive. That’s when O’Donnell, once again, found Brown all alone. Pittsburg 17 – Dallas 27.

5) The Forgotten Drop – XLII
Asante Samuel dropped an interception the play before Eli Manning and David Tyree hooked up for the miraculous helmet catch. The pick would have ended the game, instead Eli and the Giants beat the perfect Pats. New England 14 – NYG 17.


4) Reverse Direction – XLIII
The Cardinals were poised to take a 14-10 halftime lead over Pittsburg but Kurt Warner’s pass was intercepted in the end zone by James Harrison – who ran it back 100 yards for the score. Arizona 23 – Pittsburg 27.


3) One Yard Short – XXXIV
Not really a screw up, just sucks. With six seconds left, Titans receiver Kevin Dyson is tackled stretched one yard short of the end zone. Tennessee 16 – St. Louis 23.


2) Kicking Yourself – XXXVIII
Carolina scored late to tie the game at 29. On the ensuing kick off, kicker Jon Kasay inexplicably booted the ball out of bounds, thus giving Tom Brady a short field with one minute left. Also, we got to see Janet Jackson’s nipple at halftime. Carolina 29 – New England 32.


1) Wide Right – XXV
Scott Norwood misses the game winner with eight seconds remaining. The Bills would make the Super Bowl again but never win it. Buffalo 19 – NYG 20.

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