Celebrity Encounters During SXSW

First and foremost, let’s take a moment for the victims of Wednesday Night’s tragedy and donate some dough – sxswcares.com.

If you follow me on Instagram (@theCJMorgan), you already know I got to hang out with a lot of celebrities during SXSW. It’s the best part of being downtown during the festival and all people really care about seeing. Here are a few pictures of me standing next to celebrities.

It got intense, but we’re cool. Good talk Kanye

Putin was not excited to chat with me but still a class act

Justin Bieber or another white kid trying too hard?

Funnyman John Tole and Blogger John Laird

Gaga!!!!! I am officially a little monster

Viceroy Gunray! I love this guy

Snoop! Snoop a Loop!

Taking a break with B-DOE!

Selfie with the SXSW Interactive Keynote Speaker!

She looks famous

Gary Dinges from the Statesman

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