Lustre Pearl Closes, Austin Dies a Little Inside

Lustre Pearl is closing Sunday which will further pave the way for Rainey Street to become even douchier (than it already is). What was once a nice, and somewhat unique, little neighborhood bar will become a shopping/living center filled with rich Dallas teens who recently moved to Austin (and are invariably working on their real-estate license).They will wake up in the morning; let their neglected Maltese out, stop at the Starbucks for an overpriced iced coffee, then head to the crossfit gym around the corner. After lunch at Which Wich, they’ll hop into Dad’s Audi to run “errands’ before returning to nap.

At night, they’ll pre-drink with friends on the tiny patio of their $1,500 a month, 600 square foot apartment. The collection of designer vanilla vodka bottles will continue to on stack up on the cabinets next to their kickball league trophies. When the Redbull runs out they’ll head down and drunkenly walk in the middle of the busy street towards the first bar pumping out EDM from DJ Martín’s laptop.

Someone will puke, another will start a fight and a few will want to head downtown. Eventually it’s 3am. Time to go home, sleep it off and repeat. Congrats Rainey. You will never see me again. Except you The Blackheart. You’re cool.

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