Ep50: Year-End Fiftieth Anniversary Spectacular

We have much to celebrate, as this episode marks the fiftieth of our beloved little podcast. We start the show by taking a journey to the past, and see if we lived up to our goals for ourselves and for each other. In the spirit of tradition, we set forth upon our new year with new resolutions. We take a call from our listener and review some of our favorite moments of the podcast thus far. Then we give you an opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain as we plan world domination for 2015. Finally, we come to realize that we should do away with the podcast altogether, and form a rap supergroup.

We hope you enjoy this extra long extra memorable Christmas extravaganza.

This podcast is intended for a mature audience. The content expressed, implied and/or played on this show do not reflect the views and opinions of it’s hosts, guests, Emmis Austin Radio, it’s advertisers or really anyone for that matter. Seriously, we are not even responsible for anything we’ve said. Actually, you know what, JUST DON’T LISTEN!

Download: ep50
Music: Caribou – Can’t Do Without 
Intro: Dave Howard & The RZA


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