Top Fifty Songs of 2015: 40-31


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Since 2002, I have obsessively tracked and categorized the music I listen to. It started as a way to share the songs and artists discovered while working in college radio with friends. I would regularly rip audio files, make quarterly Windows Media playlists and even burn CD’s.

For the last few years Spotify and YouTube have been my main source for listening to music and organizing monthly “Mixtapes.”

I hope you enjoy listening to the soundtrack of my 2015!

40-31 [and the top albums of 2015]

Understanding the music behind the monthly MixTapes: January I was going through the usual mid-winter depression but things were good and I got to go to Las Vegas with friends. February I was in love and enjoying life, went to visit Denver and then went skiing. In March I had my first surprise birthday party, attended SXSW and I found out I would be getting dumped when my girlfriend moved away for school. April I tried to enjoy life and the time I had with someone as much as I could while attending several shows and even a co-worker’s wedding. May was the same until I was dumped into the friend zone and in addition, found out my landlord was selling the place… that’s when the great bender of 2015 began! In June I traveled to Vegas only to return to an ailing pulp who again needed to have life saving surgery. July was when I moved in to my new place right by the radio station. August was a complete blur of booze and drugs but I got it together enough to be named one of Austin’s Most Eligible Bachelors in Austin Monthly Magazine. In September I again traveled to Las Vegas but was still dealing with the break-up while attempting to move on. October is always one of my favorite months with Halloween, two weekends of ACL Fest, Fun Fun Fun Fest and the chance to travel to Atlanta for work. November usually means feasting, friends, family and the return of winter depression. December MixTapes are usually songs I missed out on and time to reflect on how much better the year before was.

40) Modest Mouse – Lampshades On Fire

Strangers to Ourselves | January MixTape
One of my favorite college bands come marching back into the spotlight with this radio friendly and fiery hit.

39) Ratatat – Cream on Chrome

Magnifique | July MixTape
This duo is known for their unique sound and fun instrumentals. I liked this one so much that it’s even a regular music on my radio show.

38) Grimes – World Princess part II

Art Angels | November MixTape
This song would most likely be higher on the list had I heard it earlier in the year. It’s the epitome of the weird, pop filled and anime inspired artist that is Grimes.

37) Battles – The Yabba

La Di Da Di | September MixTape
Another perfect headphone song from the Battles (and you don’t have to feel guilty about listening since it’s not on the Twilight soundtrack).

36) Kate Boy – Northern Lights

One | September MixTape
I know little about this artist other than that I loved listening to this song in the midst of my great bender of 2015.

35) Hundred Waters – Cavity

The Moon Rang Like a Bell | February MixTape
This is an artist my girlfriend (at the time) and I considered seeing when we visited Denver. She sent me this YouTube clip back in February and it’s been in my regular rotation ever since then.

34) Grimes – REALiTi

Art Angels | April MixTape
Grimes released this track early in the year as a teaser to her upcoming album. I was lucky enough to see her perform this song live at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

33) Hot Chip – Need You Now

Why Make Sense | April MixTape
Just like Grimes, Hot Chip released this track (along with Huarache Lights) as prequels to a much anti pated new album.

32) The Glitch Mob – Our Demons (Pair of Arrows remix)

Love Death Immortality Remixes | October MixTape
The dark electronica of this song fit perfectly with the fall, October vibe!

31) Amen Dunes – Song to the Siren

Cowboy Worship | February MixTape
This song is reminiscent of something you would hear early in the morning being performed live over the loudspeakers on the last day of a music festival.

50-41 [and the top songs of years past]

40-31 [and the top albums of 2015]

30-21 [and the other songs]

20-11 [and the top concerts of 2014]

10-1 [and my final thoughts]

TOP ALBUMS of 2015

These aren’t necessarily everyone’s favorite albums as far as sales, charts, critics and bloggers are concerned. If I did a pop/hip-hop blog this would be filled with Kendrick, The Weeknd, Future, Drake, A$AP … but I don’t. These are the records that came out in 2015 which I listened to the most – all the way through.

5) Grimes – Art Angels

I’ve been a fan of Grimes for sometime and the one thing I kept hearing this years was “I’m usually not a fan… but this latest album…” or something to that extent.b91c652ff948fbfa4ec34ee7bf93186c1f79d260

4) Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

I was hooked from the moment I heard the lyrics “She wants to bury me in Austin under Uchiko.”da8ccb802b49ab513bd0e2032cc607bd.1000x1000x1

3) Tame Impala – Currents

The Australian Psych-rockers Currents was by far the least depressing album I listened to this year.

2) Sufjan Stevens – Carrie and Lowell

After finally seeing Sufjan Stevens live this year, I became memorized with every track on this album (which he performed at the Bass Concert Hall in May). Not the type of record you can listen to everyday but Carrie and Lowell’s haunting instrumentals (like the Theremin solos), harmonic vocals and sense of nostalgia is perfect for a rainy day.

1) Purity Ring – Another Eternity

Talk about a wonderful soundtrack to a break-up! Corin Roddick’s arrangements, Megan James’ solicitous lyrics and melodic vocals were the background tracking to my 2015. Another Eternity was a wonderful album to listen to again and again and again.


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