#tbt #musicmonday

Every week I try to listen to 50-100 songs I have never heard before. Since 2001 I have been making monthly mix tapes (literally burning css in my college radio days) and picking five weekly songs to share with my friends. I thought I would use this weeks #musicmonday to share some throwbacks. Follow @thecjmorgan on Spotify for more kewl tunes! Oh, and listen to the radio. 

Cake – Frank Sinatra https://youtu.be/NSypnaxAlP4 (summer 2009)
Postal Service – Against All Odds https://youtu.be/oevdCrECyek (2005 summer)
Yeasayer – 2080 https://youtu.be/olzw8qi6Ptw (2008 summer)
Calexico – Alone Again Or, – https://youtu.be/wKsZuNxhQVo (2006 Summer)
Broken Social Scene – Stars and Sons https://youtu.be/7SZtXkEwZXk (2007 Summer)

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