Top R&B Songs of 2019

Arin Ray, Kehlani

Looking to put it down or have someone put it down on you? Eric Alderete (aka Chuy) has compiled a perfect list of fresh baby making music.

What follows are his top R&B songs of 2019.

20. Daniel Caesar – Love Again

19. Kehlani – Too Deep

She has definltey had some hits off this mixtape. However this was my favorite off of While We Wait. Expect to see her as big as Ariana in the next year or two.

18. Saint JHN – Who do you Blame?

Just know that this song should be a lot higher but I couldn’t put Saint JHN in the top 5 twice. This might be my second favorite on the album.

17. Durand Jones and the Indications – Don’t you Know

This had some nice old school vibes. Shuffle dancing in the living room type shit.

16. Anderson .Paak (featuring Andre 3000) – Come Home

Anderson Paak should be enough said but Andre Spaz’s on this verse like only Andre would know how to do on an R&B song.  

15. Ty Dolla Sign (featuring J Cole) Purple Emoji

I’m more upset that this track is like 2 minutes long. Plus J Cole really gets in his bag on the romantic songs if you haven’t noticed since Cole World. It sounds super produced and industry but I guess they wanted a single. I liked it.

14. Pink Sweats – Body Ain’t Me

I fell in love with the song Honesty last year and went to see Pink Sweats at SXSW. It should say a lot about an artist with a minimalist approach. It was him and a guitarist and he bodied that show. Don’t mind the weird Music Video just listen.

13. Mac Ayres – Get Away

I was turned on to Mac’s work after listening to a podcast. I can’t say I know a ton of Mac’s work but I enjoyed this song thoroughly and it is a good representation of the whole album Juicebox.

12. Arin Ray (featuring Kehlani) – Change

This song is so sexy. Arin Ray outdid his last album with this one. Check out his album phases II. The intro song ZZZ puts you in that vibe.

10. Free Nationals (Featuring Syd) – Shibuya

If you know Free nationals then you know how they give it up. This album has a ton of dope artists and this was my favorite because I’m a big fan of Syd.

10. Torey Lanez – The Trade

Chixtape 5 is fire. I’m upset I had to put this at number 7 but so much good music this year. The entire album is sample after sample of an early 2000’s R&B hit and made even better or modernized.

9. Emotional Oranges – Personal

This single and this group is amazing. Theyre still fairly new but have been doing work. 2 albums this year and all good shit. I predict a smash single bigger than this one soon.

7. Frank Ocean – DHL

I guess we should consider ourselves lucky to even get a Frank track. He’s been super busy opening a night club called PrEP+. Loved this song and In my Room. All Frank fans can do is speculate about an album in 2020. Maybe coming soon boi.

6. SiR – That’s Why I love you

This is another album artist. His mother backup sang for MJ and Anita Baker. He’s worked and wrote for names like Anita Baker, Pussycat dolls, Ginuwine, Jill Scott and Stevie Wonder. I think the Song MOOD is the best off of Chasing Summer but this song is my personal favorite.

5. Summer Walker – Playing Games

Summer has blown up so fast that she has had trouble adjusting and has cancelled concerts and events due to social anxiety and other issues. I’m completely fine with no live shows if Artists continue to make Albums like Over it. I mean we put up with Frank’s (Ocean) Shit. 

4. CAPYAC ( featuring Cool Company) – Ceasefire

Cool Company has always been dope but this song is a smash. This was in heavy rotation this past summer.

3. Berhana – Health Food

I’ll be honest I was introduced to Berhana with this single. It opbviously made an impression because it’s almost top 5. I was bumping this for a while before the album came out and gave some mad respect to their album HAN

2. I THINK- Tyler the Creator

Let me start by saying that I have never been a huge Tyler fan. However his last album Flower boy I loved and it really set the stage for what I think should be considered for Album of the year for R&B. IGOR as a whole album is amazing. He went far from what would be considered a rap album which is why he made this list.

1 Borders – Saint Jhn

Saint Jhn has become one of my most favorite artists. He’s worked hard and has a damn good resume. Started with a mixtape on to helping write for Rihanna, Usher etc. I was hooked with his first Album “Collection one”. I still listen to Ghetto Lenny’s Love songs in Full. I can’t pick a favorite. A Lenny Kravitz feature on this song sets shit off though.

About the Author:

Eric aka Chuy is part of the Dudley & Bob + Matt Morning Show team in Austin. He has been a Darkives contributor and podcast co-host since 2009.

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