Shelter In Place Activities to Avoid

Shelter in Place but do it safe! Staying at home all the time can drive one crazy and we’re probably all going to start doing a lot of things purely out of boredom – which is okay – just be safe. A nurse friend of mine said the hospitals are packed and getting an uptick in random cases that they shouldn’t.

Here are 13 Shelter In Place Activities to Avoid For Your Own Safety:

1) Clean the gutter using your busted ass backyard wrestling ladder

cj morgan cleaning leaves

2) Ride your bike with no hands 

man riding bike no hands

3) Fix the the garbage disposal 

man cleaning a sink while sheltering in place

4) Teach your dog how to drive 

driving dog

5) Start shit with a neighbor 

two men fighting

6) Climb a tree to pull down those Christmas lights

man in tree

7) Snort a line of pollen

man snorting pollen

8) Kiss your crush 

two people kissing

9) Any kind of butt stuff you’ve never safely done before (not kink shaming this is literally a problem right now)

man on bed

10) Cuddle your roomate’s man

two men cuddling

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