Quarantine Queso

Queso is a Texas house party classic but perhaps hard to come by if you are broke, stuck at home with minimal groceries in a pandemic. Welcome to quarantine cooking with CJ. Here is what you need:


  • American cheese
  • Seasoning Salt
  • Some free coffee creamer from the gas station
  • Any kinda leftover over meat preferably hamburger
  • Hot sauce packet(s) to taste
  • While you are at the gas station grab some of those free jalapeños

[also try my meatloaf and crab cakes]


Cut the dry dark yellow parts off the cheese. Butter the skillet and add some of the meat, not all of it just some. Add the good parts of the cheese, slowly add creamy and turn heat to low. Season to taste with the salt and level of spicy with the hotsauce packets. Then you add the bad parts of the cheese and any jalapenos you acquired. Enjoy with chips, crackers, tortillas or just a spoon if its all ya got!

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