These are the Darkives. An online archive for the funny, random & weird. We are the home to twisted humor, viral happenings, original podcasts and the occasional funny videos.

our [CREW]

CJ Morgan

Editor in Chief , MMM / CGJRPC and MixTape Podcast Host, Executive Producer


CJ is the founder of Darkives. He has been involved in the Radio/Television business for over 13 years and just recently became a blogger/twitter/online attention whore. CJ hosts a daily radio show on 93.7 KLBJ . Follow him – @theCJMorgan


Vice President of Relations, MMM / CGJRPC Podcast Co-Host, Writer/Producer

Chuy is a longtime former Dudley and Bob intern and current Producer for their morning show. He participates in many of the Darkives zany activities and co-hosts the MMMCast.

Carissa Jaded

 MMM Co-Host, Writer/Producer


Carissa was the assistant producer for the Dudley and Bob Morning Show. She is a hot mess and apparently used to be fat. Follow her – @CarissaJaded

do not [CONTACT] us

Twitter: @Darkives




7 thoughts on “[ABOUT] us

  1. Ienjoylovelyradiomancock says:

    Enjoyed this episode of which I have listened to about 6 minutes of – roadhouse. Next topic – Libya – kidding guys – keep fighting the good fight, love the podcasts

  2. Steven Presley says:

    Haters suck. Their lives suck that is why they hate. But they make us famous. Still not cool with you deleting me from the Facebook. But then again you never met me so I’m not sweating that shit. Keep pissing people off. Have fun!

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