Ep65: Second Butthole

It’s been a long time but we are back gang! This episode is pretty much all of us catching up but we do learn a few new things. Carissa let’s us know a dark secret, CJ is still getting over his ex and Chuy has a new outlook on life. Also, we talk about butt…


Ep:64 Cam Girl Confessions

Today we have a very special guest: a real life cam girl! She’s going to tell us all about what it’s like dealing with creepy men and making tokens on the Internet. Download: ep64 Music: Caribou – Dive Intro: Dave Howard  What was this podcast worth to you? Donate if you can! This episode was brought to you…


Ep63: Periscope Problems

We’re BACK! And happy to talk to you today. We spend the first part of the show catching up and talking to our friends on Periscope (which always seems to distract and derail us). Then the show gets better as we discuss some of the big changes in our lives. New houses. New plans for…


Ep62: David Liebe Hart

Today, we present you with an extremely interesting episode featuring Davie Liebe Hart, whom you may know from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show! (great job) We talk about his opinions on religion, aliens, trains, making music and SO MUCH MORE! Seriously, this guy does everything. And might just be the most interesting person you’ve…


EP61: The Sexfiles

It’s been a few weeks so we take a few minutes to catch you up on our lives. Comedy Shows, festivals and relationships. Chuy is down so we try our best to cheer him up. We share the results of the “Sleeping with CJ” survey. Also, STOP BEING A QUEEF!


Ep60: Oh Dale,

We have a very special MMM episode for you, with four very special guests. We were joined today by Dale Dudley, Amanda Dudley, and Amanda’s two new boobies. We talk a little bit about radio, discuss some local legends, and talk a little bit about the meaning of life. This is one of our favorite…


Ep57: Live Long and Prosper

We’re back after a two-week sabbatical! We are all in crappy moods and were sure that our podcast would be full of depressing talk – but we managed to cheer each other up and hopefully you too! We discuss fights, loving yourself and going for it. Download: ep57 Music: Hippie Sabotage – Show Me the World Intro: Dave Howard…


Ep56: Queefceañera

Hi there friends! Today we celebrate love, love making and living each other. The podcast starts with some oral sex and love making talk and ends with us discussing our top SNL cast members. Carissa gave something up, CJ tried a new drug and Chuy has to work. This one is all over the place…


Ep55: Doin’ Work

Work, work, work. Kiss the man’s ass. Never make enough money. Today we talk about our jobs and careers, and try hard to keep it positive. We’re all dealing with stressful life and money situations, and we hope you can relate! Also we watch an adorable seal video (the animal not the singer)   Download: ep55…