l’amour du petit chat: Being With the Cats

Last week on the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show, producer Daniel Gallo admitted that he likes to visit the cats at the Austin Humane Society. He goes to the North Austin location and spends hours sitting with the little creatures. Occasionally, he cracks open a beer and stares out the window pawndering problems that only…

Pickle Pandemic

Across the country, hundreds of car salesmen seem to be suffering from what can only be known as the Pickle Pandemic. Each of these general managers, who come from a various cities and different dealerships, seem to be experiencing the same symptoms: high-blood pressure, didn’t sell enough cars last month, need to give you a…

Because I’m Happy!

It’s time for me to get hip and “Happy”! Today’s video is all about the craze! Pharrell created with his song. Why? Because I’m Happy! So Happy.  

Slow-mo Paintball Pelting

Last week I took the night off to host Paintball Karaoke with my friend Charlie Hodge. I watched a lot of singers being pelted with paintballs and made sure to capture some of the best movements on camera. Thanks to advancements in technology, cell phones are now able to shoot in 120fps, slow-motion.

My Weird Experience Using Tinder

Against the advice of several friends, I decided to continue using the mobile dating app called Tinder. I’ve been on one date, met a few new Facebook friends and recently had this really weird experience.

Fake Her In the Pussy

Is the Internet making us more or less intelligent as a society? We have all the knowledge that has ever existed in our hand. The ability to call anyone on their bullshit, look any and everything up. Yet, the Internet is cluttered with e-garbage, terrible blogs, satire and right out lies. Too often, people believe and…

A Look Back: My Ten Years of Facebook

Have you seen these videos on Facebook? I have met a lot of great people, stayed connect with so many friends and been able to share a lot of special moments with all of you. Here’s to ten great years of fun memories! This video pretty much sums up my life on Facebook. Here is…