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Darkives is the home several original podcasts. MixTape: A Monthly Music Podcast, The Can’t Get A Job on the Radio Podcast and The MMMCast (formerly Mexican, Mustache & Madam). MMMCast is the premier podcast, hosted by three radio station employees: Chuy DeLa Leon, CJ Morgan and Carissa Jaded.

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EP133: Election Night


EP132: Waterapocalypse


EP131: Chuy Almost Died


Ep130: Six Erroneous Zones


EP129: First Time


EP126: Gratitude Journal


EP125: Airstream


EP124: Dried Up


EP123: Face Mask


EP122: Dream Sweater


Ep121: Hangin with Spence


EP120: Holiday Load

Recorded 06.29.18 | Guests Some Guy | Music Iceage

Carissa just got back in town, Chuy is about to embark on an epic road trip and CJchugged a bottle of wine!


06.18.18 MixTape

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.02.19 PM

ep119: SURPRISE! Cast

Recorded 06.14.18 | Guests Ms. Pickles | Music HÆLOS

Chuy and CJ knock out a quick podcast in the middle of a crazy week. The gang discussed politics, travel, and the World Cup.


EP118: Sick Cat

Recorded 06.05.18 | Guests Kathy the Cat Lady | Music Zero 7

Chuy’s cat is sick so we take a phone call from our local cat lady Kathy. The gang also gives thanks for their recent donations and plans future shows. 


05.18.18 MixTape

may18mix copy

EP117: Weed Vs Booze

Recorded 05.29.18 | Guests CJ’s Mom | Music TT

Chuy got CJ’s mom high, we debate weed and alcohol, and touch on the end. Also, we need your donations!


ep116: New Car

Recorded 05.24.18 | Guests Callers | Music The Kills

Carissa got a new car so she couldn’t podcast so we took some calls, discussed food, and give some shout outs to our fan(s).


EP115: Stand Up!
Recorded 05.01.18 | Guests Mr. P | Music Dino Olivieri

Carissa returns, Chuy lost weight and CJ finally did standup at FPIA.


04.18.18 MixTape

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.47.56 PM

ep114: Porn Cloud

Recorded 04.18.18 | Guests Daniel Gallo | Music Black Angels

Dan joins Chuy and CJ to talk clouds, failed bachelor parties and porn. Sorry Carissa fans, this is another non Jaded episode 😦


ep113: For Those About To Rock

Recorded 04.10.18 | Guests Not Carissa | Music Four Tet

Chuy and CJ talk politics, road trip plans, and will Carissa come to their party?? Also, they pause to troll AC/DC fans.


03.18.18 MixTape

mar18mix copy

EP112: Take Some Time To Relax

Recorded 03.27.18 | Guests Stevie Ticks & Mr. P. | Music God is an Astronaut

We need to chill the fuck out. Hopefully that will happen after Chuy’s diet, Carissa sells CJ’s Art, and ol’ Rusty provides a new bit.


ep111: Chip Show

Recorded 03.22.18 | Guests Christina Parrish & Kelsey Rodgers| Music Jon Hopkins

Christina Parrish and Kelsey Rodgers from the Chip Show join Chuy and CJ on a weird drug fueled, story telling and chip eating adventure.


02.18.18 MixTape



01.18.18 MixTape

Music from my life in the month of January 2018! I hope you enjoy it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.32.34 AM

Ep110: The Bobfather!

Recorded 02.27.18 | Guest Bob Fonseca | Music Blue States

Our special guest, Bob Fonseca aka the Bobfather aka The Martyr and fourth M joins us to talk about going into buisness, comedy, and boxing.


EP109: The Best Mac & Cheese in Town

Recorded 02.13.18 | Guest Mac & Cheese| Music Typo

We cover Valentine’s woes, Big Time Two Show Chu, fans turning on us and at the end CJ has an ultimatum and some paperwork for the gang. Will they sign it?


ep108: Gettin Real (Estate)

Recorded 02.08.18 | Guests Noel

After podcasting with Charlie Hodge, Chuy and CJ decide to invite Noel over to continue the fun. We talk about inappropriate real estate, Chuy’s Alexis Texas strip club dream, and discover Noel’s talent for music.


ep107: State of the Triunion

Recorded 01.30.18 | Guests Stevie Ticks, Mr. P | Music The Decembrists 

We are back! Unfortunately someone has quit the podcast… more details, right after these messages from our sponsors.


ep106: Camp Jackin It Dudes

Recorded 12.02.17 | Guests Bob Fonseca, Daniel Gallo

A special crossover podcast as 1/2 of the Jackin It Dudes go Camping.


EP105: 1996

Recorded 11.15.17 | Guest 1996| Music Spacehog

The gang gets nostalgic for the year 1996. We also discover a special bond between two of the cast mates that leaves the third one feeling blue :/


EP104: Sorry I Got Heavy

Recorded 11.08.17 | Guest Stevie| Music William Ryan Fritch & Matt Finney

We start out yammering about nothing then Carissa brings up something heavy and weird from her past. Oh, and we solve the gun problem.


EP103: Isolated

Recorded 10.25.17 | Guest Chuy’s Sadness| Music Cults

There has been some controversy behind the scenes of the MMMCast after Carissa’s departure and we are going to address that head on.

Afterwards we catch up, talk depression, and shrooooms man.


EP102: Two Weeks Notice

Recorded 09.07.17 | Guest YOU | Music HÆLOS

After putting in her two weeks, Carissa discusses what led to her big decision.


EP101: Quitters

Recorded 09.06.17 | Guest Stevie Ticks | Music LCD Sound System

In this heavily edited episode, we get some insight on the things happening behind the scenes of our lives. Will they ever come out on the podcast? Oh you bet your ass they will. Or not. Whatever,




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