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Darkives is the home several original podcasts. MixTape: A Monthly Music Podcast, The Can’t Get A Job on the Radio Podcast and The MMMCast (formerly Mexican, Mustache & Madam). MMMCast is the premier podcast, hosted by three radio station employees: Chuy DeLa Leon, CJ Morgan and Carissa Jaded.

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Ep110: The Bobfather!

Recorded 02.27.18 | Guest Bob Fonseca | Music Blue States

Our special guest, Bob Fonseca aka the Bobfather aka The Martyr and fourth M joins us to talk about going into buisness, comedy, and boxing.


EP109: The Best Mac & Cheese in Town

Recorded 02.13.18 | Guest Mac & Cheese| Music Typo

We cover Valentine’s woes, Big Time Two Show Chu, fans turning on us and at the end CJ has an ultimatum and some paperwork for the gang. Will they sign it?


ep108: Gettin Real (Estate)

Recorded 02.08.18 | Guests Noel

After podcasting with Charlie Hodge, Chuy and CJ decide to invite Noel over to continue the fun. We talk about inappropriate real estate, Chuy’s Alexis Texas strip club dream, and discover Noel’s talent for music.


ep107: State of the Triunion

Recorded 01.30.17 | Guests Stevie Ticks, Mr. P | Music The Decembrists 

We are back! Unfortunately someone has quit the podcast… more details, right after these messages from our sponsors.


ep106: Camp Jackin It Dudes

Recorded 12.02.17 | Guests Bob Fonseca, Daniel Gallo

A special crossover podcast as 1/2 of the Jackin It Dudes go Camping.


EP105: 1996

Recorded 11.15.17 | Guest 1996| Music Spacehog

The gang gets nostalgic for the year 1996. We also discover a special bond between two of the cast mates that leaves the third one feeling blue :/


EP104: Sorry I Got Heavy

Recorded 11.08.17 | Guest Stevie| Music William Ryan Fritch & Matt Finney

We start out yammering about nothing then Carissa brings up something heavy and weird from her past. Oh, and we solve the gun problem.


EP103: Isolated

Recorded 10.25.17 | Guest Chuy’s Sadness| Music Cults

There has been some controversy behind the scenes of the MMMCast after Carissa’s departure and we are going to address that head on.

Afterwards we catch up, talk depression, and shrooooms man.


EP102: Two Weeks Notice

Recorded 09.07.17 | Guest YOU | Music HÆLOS

After putting in her two weeks, Carissa discusses what led to her big decision.


EP101: Quitters

Recorded 09.06.17 | Guest Stevie Ticks | Music LCD Sound System

In this heavily edited episode, we get some insight on the things happening behind the scenes of our lives. Will they ever come out on the podcast? Oh you bet your ass they will. Or not. Whatever,


Ep100: Live from the Shack

Recorded 08.15.17 | Guest Spencer | Music Sébastien Tellier

It’s the big 100th episode LIVE celebration! We take the show on the road and take over the legendary Joe’s Crab Shack on Town Lake in Austin. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for sticking with us for 100 episodes (and a special thanks to those who came out and supported us).


Sound 4 Pound: Round 1

Chuy and Patrick did a boxing podcast to get you hyped for the fight this weekend! Now you can pretend to know what you’re talking about in front of your friends.

sound for pound.jpg

EP99: Beach Babies

Recorded 08.09.17 | Guest Carissa’s New Camera | Music War on Drugs

We talk about the beach, calling people out for being dicks, and discuss our big plans for numero 100 (if we survive this episode).


EP98: Taco Diet

Recorded 07.20.17 | Guests Daniel Gallo |Music Toro Y Moi

Chuy is on a strange diet that involves spitting out tacos. Good thing we only have several cases of them!

We had to leave the studio early so there might be some bonus prank calls added in.


ep97: Pranking with Enzo

Recorded 06.28.17 | Guests Enzo Priesnitz |Music Big Black Delta

Funniest Person in Austin Enzo Priesnitz joins CJ on the podcast to attempt some prank calls (spoiler alert: it didn’t really happen). We start off discussing psychedelic experiences, tell some stories, and then attempt some prank calls in honor of our favorite podcast.


ep96: Queer Mountain

Recorded 06.27.17 | Guests Michael Foulk, Ralphie Hardesty |Music Odesza

Comedians Michael Foulk and Ralphie Hardesty popped by to talk about their monthly LGBTQ story telling show Greetings from Queer Mountain. We also brought everyone up to speed on the state of the Internet, debated my guest co-host Lisa Friedrich’s boobs, and ended with a good talk about humanity.


ep95: Hot Dog

Recorded 06.24.17 | Guests Tana Lea, Bad John Paul |Music the xx

Did you know that Cetaphil can double as cum? Today we discuss the ins and outs and ins and outs and ins and outs of the LA porn industry with my friend Tana Lea, Bad John Paul & Jess.


Ep94: Death, Candy & Babies

Recorded 06.20.17 | Guest A Twin Peaks Manager |Music The Flaming Lips

We had a nice dinner together and then make our way into the podcast bunker to discus the above listed items + some cum related items.


EP93: Obligations

Recorded 06.07.17 | Guest Carissa’s Sadness | Music HÆLOS

We must fulfill our obligation to podcast, trash the trolls, and eat fast food.


EP92: Viking Funeral

Recorded 05.16.17 | Guest Miles’ Ghost | Music The National

This is one of our better podcasts EVER! We have the great chicken debate, plug Carissa’s business, and pay tribute to Miles.


Ep91: 13 Reasons Why Carissa Won’t Podcast with Us

Recorded 04.30.17 | Guest Lisa Friedrich | Music Father John Misty

Why won’t Carissa podcast with us? We explore that, Chuy tells us his anti-racist racist idea, and I probe our guest, comedian Lisa Friedrich, as to why comics hate radiomen and sound effects.


Ep90: 2 Hawt 4 Camp

Recorded 04.06.17 | Guest Daniel Gallo | Music Maribou State

Today we catch up with Carissa and talk about our upcoming camping trip.


Ep89: Green Dog

Recorded 03.26.17 | Guest Mr. P. | Music Gidge

On today’s show, we talk to a gay TSA agent, chat race in America, call Carissa, prank call her sister and watch a dog die. It’s scatterbrained and all over the place but hopefully you enjoy it AND are excited about us doing weekly episodes again (we promise this time). Check out the video stream at Facebook/darkives!!!


Ep88: Resist

Recorded 01.30.17 | Guest Carissa | Music Gunship

On this week’s podcast, we get to be the kewl kidZ in skewl! Listen in as we give our highschool memories a wedgie and stuff them into a locker.


10.16.16 MixTape Podcast

oct mixtape cover

Ep87: Reacquainted

Months have gone by and finally two thirds of the podcast are back together! It’s about damn time.

Chuy and CJ sit back and shoot the shit for a while, talk geniuses on drugs, and the latest controversies in our little radio world.


Ep86: Blocked and Voted

Finally, my voice will be heard! This episode covers the election, doing drugs at a fest and why I am blocked from Facebook.


Ep67: Look to the Stars

This week CJ and Carissa ponder over what life really means. We talk to Chuy for a few minutes all the way from Vancouver. Then we discuss a little history, a little bit about aliens, and a lot about what it means to be alive.

Ep66: P’scopin on a Handstand

Today we try to talk the Chuster into social media…. Carissa attempts to do a handstand for 30 minutes to attract Periscope viewers. CJ got a girl fired and had a midnight adventure with Carissa’s sister. Most importantly, we discuss whether or not we still love each other.

Ep65: Second Butthole

It’s been a long time but we are back gang! This episode is pretty much all of us catching up but we do learn a few new things. Carissa let’s us know a dark secret, CJ is still getting over his ex and Chuy has a new outlook on life. Also, we talk about butt play. Like, a lot. Enjoy and share with a friend!!


Ep:64 Cam Girl Confessions

Today we have a very special guest: a real life cam girl! She’s going to tell us all about what it’s like dealing with creepy men and making tokens on the Internet.


Ep63: Periscope Problems

We’re BACK! And happy to talk to you today. We spend the first part of the show catching up and talking to our friends on Periscope (which always seems to distract and derail us). Then the show gets better as we discuss some of the big changes in our lives. New houses. New plans for…


February MixTape Podcast

his MixTape Podcast is a tale of love, skiing and getting ready for SXSW. Here is a portion of the music that played as the soundtrack of my life during February 2015.

Feb MixTape

Ep62: David Liebe Hart

Today, we present you with an extremely interesting episode featuring Davie Liebe Hart, whom you may know from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show! (great job) We talk about his opinions on religion, aliens, trains, making music and SO MUCH MORE! Seriously, this guy does everything.


EP61: The Sexfiles

It’s been a few weeks so we take a few minutes to catch you up on our lives. Comedy Shows, festivals and relationships. Chuy is down so we try our best to cheer him up. We share the results of the “Sleeping with CJ” survey. Also, STOP BEING A QUEEF!


Ep60: Oh Dale,

We have a very special MMM episode for you, with four very special guests. We were joined by Dale Dudley, Amanda Dudley, and Amanda’s two new boobies. We talk a little bit about radio, discuss some local legends, and talk a little bit about the meaning of life. This is one of our favorite episodes and we hope you’ll enjoy it too! -Carissa


Ep59: Turtle Dreams

It’s a new day, a new podcast, and CJ comes loaded with some new ideas. There might be a few (positive) changes coming in the next few months and we’d like to know what you think about them! Also-we talk about dreams, turtles, and being better people.


Ep58: Breakup Sex

It’s been a few weeks since our last episode and we’re all happy to get back together and catch up. CJ’s going through a big life change. Chuy thinks he’s getting fat. Carissa has been reading so much self-help she thinks she can fix it all. Plus, we’ll tell you all about Daniel’s wedding.


Ep57: Live Long and Prosper

We’re back after a two-week sabbatical! We are all in crappy moods and were sure that our podcast would be full of depressing talk – but we managed to cheer each other up and hopefully you too! We discuss fights, loving yourself and going for it.


Ep56: Queefceañera

Hi there friends! Today we celebrate love, love making and living each other. The podcast starts with some oral sex and love making talk and ends with us discussing our top SNL cast members. Carissa gave something up, CJ tried a new drug and Chuy has to work. This one is all over the place but we were all in a great mood (which is rare).


January MixTape Podcast

t’s been a long time! Welcome to the MixTape Podcast, new and old music you’ve never heard before that influenced my life during January. If you have any questions about the songs or artists feel free to ask me on Twitter @theCJMorgan, find my Spotify playlist or go to darkives.com. Also, I promise to have a few more of these up by the end of the month (Sept – Dec 2014). Enjoy!

Jan MixTape

Ep55: Doin’ Work

Work, work, work. Kiss the man’s ass. Never make enough money. Today we talk about our jobs and careers, and try hard to keep it positive. We’re all dealing with stressful life and money situations, and we hope you can relate! Also we watch an adorable seal video (the animal not the singer)


Ep54: On The Edge

Chuy’s feeling a little bitter about life all around today. CJ arrives in a sour mood. Will Carissa be able to turn them around with positive talk? Listen and find out!

Ep53: Ten Pound Baby

This episode we get into the madness behind the people of the Internet. We dissect the comments on CJ’s blog about the most overrated things in Austin, We discuss free speech and a local politician who tried to get CJ in trouble. Chuy has some news headlines for you to laugh at. Most importantly, we discuss our “shituals” and our “Turd Traditions.”

Ep52: The Chuysode

Once every month or so we are going to take turns running the show within this show. Today Chuy stepped up to the plate and prepared a fine podcast for you folks! We covered booze at KFC, NYE plans, feminism and sitcoms. We also have Carissa’s friend Heidi in the studio to laugh at our bad jokes. Enjoy!


Ep51: Meet the Parents

It’s the end of the year and we have special treat for our podcast listeners! CJ’s parents were in town and stopped by the studio to talk with us.


Ep50: Year-End Fiftieth Anniversary Spectacular

We have much to celebrate, as this episode marks the fiftieth of our beloved little podcast. We start the show by taking a journey to the past, and see if we lived up to our goals for ourselves and for each other. In the spirit of tradition, we set forth upon our new year with new resolutions. We take a call from our listener and review some of our favorite moments of the podcast thus far. Then we give you an opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain as we plan world domination for 2015. Finally, we come to realize that we should do away with the podcast altogether, and form a rap supergroup.

We hope you enjoy this extra long extra memorable Christmas extravaganza.


Ep49: Goopy

Happy Thanksgiving recovery friends! After a slow start, the gang get’s into turkey talk, grandma’s long lost love, hispanic culture on television, race, guns and what it means to be goopy.


Ep48: Showciopath

This podcast covers dating, serial killers, high thoughts, working out, pick up artists and even pinging the news.


Ep47: Would You Abort Us?

The gang gets political, discuss women and call their moms to ask an important question.




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