Do you Podcast?

This group of radiomen love working so much that they’ve even expanded into podcasting. What is a podcast? It’s basically an Internet radio show. Catch up with the times dingus. Mexican, Mustache & Madam CJ Morgan (7-mid on KLBJ), Carissa Jade (Dudley & Bob Assistant Producer) and the mysterious Chuy record a weekly uncensored, NSFW…

Ep25: Persons of Knowledge

Why did Chad Kroeger tell Carissa to “fuck you”? Does Bill Murray have Alzheimer’s? Is Chuy a poker shark? Why does CJ have a giant bruise on his face? Who are the persons of knowledge? Answers to these questions and more mindless entertainment on Episode 25 of Mexican, Mustache & Madam. This is a good…

Darkives 2nd Anniversary Party Photos pt2

Pictures from the 50th Live Podcast and Darkives 2nd Anniversary Party. Check out the podcast here: Pictures by Mikela Floyd. If you save and re-post these, please link them back to here –> darkpartypics.

CGJRPC 50 | Live Again

CGJRPC 50 | Live Again 05.22.12 Another LIVE podcast and trainwreck from Nomad Bar! Special guest Ramin Nazer joins us, we have BDOE, DJ Loofa spinnin stinky dubstep beats, Travolta gate, our black friend Vaughn (and his dick), audience interaction, live pings, damn that’s crazy and the one and only Tube Pac! CGJRPC50LIVE

Honor Thy Boss

Do you LOVE Bruce Springsteen like we do? Do you want to show him how much you LOVE him? Well then it is time to Honor Thy Boss! Like us on, tweet us with #HonorThyBoss and join us downtown (dressed as your favorite Bruce) on March 15th!!! Let’s get Austin, SXSW and the world…