CGJRPC 50 | Live Again

CGJRPC 50 | Live Again 05.22.12 Another LIVE podcast and trainwreck from Nomad Bar! Special guest Ramin Nazer joins us, we have BDOE, DJ Loofa spinnin stinky dubstep beats, Travolta gate, our black friend Vaughn (and his dick), audience interaction, live pings, damn that’s crazy and the one and only Tube Pac! CGJRPC50LIVE Advertisements

Darkives 2nd Anniversary and 50(ish) Podcast Party

We are pleased to announce that at least one funny person will be on mic Tuesday: Special Guest & Funniest Person in Austin: Ramin Nazer! -$2 Draft Pints -DJ Loofa -Live Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast Taping -Special Surprise Musical Guest -Grill Girls cooking up Stinky Dick Meat Steak -Funny, Random, Weird…