Ep40: Just Stop Caring

Carissa and CJ are taking life too seriously so at the very end of this podcast Chuy offers up some great advice: stop giving a fuck! Just stop caring. We got there by talking about Hendrix, classical music, ASMR the beach and thinking positively. DOWNLOAD: Ep40

Slow-mo Paintball Pelting

Last week I took the night off to host Paintball Karaoke with my friend Charlie Hodge. I watched a lot of singers being pelted with paintballs and made sure to capture some of the best movements on camera. Thanks to advancements in technology, cell phones are now able to shoot in 120fps, slow-motion.

Do you Podcast?

This group of radiomen love working so much that they’ve even expanded into podcasting. What is a podcast? It’s basically an Internet radio show. Catch up with the times dingus. Mexican, Mustache & Madam CJ Morgan (7-mid on KLBJ), Carissa Jade (Dudley & Bob Assistant Producer) and the mysterious Chuy record a weekly uncensored, NSFW…

I Confronted My Online Bully

How did it go when my new nemesis came to the studio to do my job? Well, we started out enemies and ended up freinemies. Check out the clips (posted below) from our Suck vs Not Suck debate with a special guest appearance by Mr. Charlie Hodge from charliehodgeshow.com. The Story: Last Friday a listener emailed…

Ep 16: Charlie Hodge

This episode features a very special guest: podcaster, radioman and all around entertainer Charlie Effin Hodge! We talk about the glory days of radio, Cuban subs, golden ropes of pee, toll roads, the future of podcasting, fishing for bails of pot and wrecking Porsches. Chuy gets to drive around a well known band this weekend,…

Five Years Ago, My Debut on KLBJ

  It was actually five years ago when I first made my debut on 93.7 KLBJ. I was driving around in the station work truck listening to KLBJ and decided to call into the (brand new) Charlie Hodge Halftime Show. Thaks to @DougPichler for finding this (via charliehodgeshow.com). CJ on Charlie’s Show  

CGJRPC 28 | Planking, Podcasting and Strippers

_____________________________________________________ Comment, suscribe and make sure to “Like” us on Facebook _____________________________________________________ In this episode, I sit down and interview a stripper (actually you should refer to them as dancers) and ask her the questions you submitted. We also talk about other stuff. What stuff? You’ll just have to listen to find out. DOWNLOAD/PLAY: CGJRPC_28 Music…