Hipster, Hobo or in a Band | PICS

It’s time to play our favorite game: Are these random strangers just  Hipsters? Could they be in a band performing during SXSW? Or are they just one of Austin’s many lovable Hobo roustabouts?  Email your pics to DarkivesAustin@gmail.com  and be sure to check out tomorrow’s feature: Oh My God, Is That Burt Reynolds?    

500 Twitter Followers= Gold Pants

If I get to 500 Twitter followers before March 15th, I will resurrect the Gold Skinny Pants and wear them the last day of SXSW Music. If I get to 600 followers, I will wear them EVERY day. Do your part and re-tweet my little birds. Now Fly! @theCJMorgan

Hipster! Oh wait, that's me.

Hipster, Hobo or in a Band?

ACL Fest is right around the corner, so once again I’ll be capturing photos of bands, hipsters and hobos. Here’s a re-post of my popular SXSW game: Hipster, Hobo or in a Band. Music Festivals (especially SXSW) seem to bring out the weird. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether someone is in a band, a homeless…