Another Reason Why I will be Fired

I cannot resist it. I can’t help it! I’ve been warned: Enough with the reply-alls and mass emails. Especially after a group of us sent “congratulations” replies to the entire company after our Vice President sent out an email thanking a sales person in New York. But I have to do it. I have to…

It’s time to stop being passive at work and start being passive-aggressive. Yesterday I went around the office and decided to leave  afew notes.  

Office Prank

This is Carissa, a producer for the Dudley and Bob Morning Show in Austin. Carissa recently admitted that she absolutely HATES a certain song. It makes her scared and feel sick… so naturally we have to prank her. Daniel (Dudley and Bob’s head producer) and I (KLBJ’s mid-day guy) made a 15 minute loop of…

Hundred Disc Challenge | PICS

Hundreds of mini frisbees + a coffee amped promotions staff = the Hundred Disc Challenge. 100 discs, whoever makes it in the mail crate first wins (although we are all likely to get fired). Congrats John! You are the victor.